At Pointsoft , we offer a career that is filled with independence, growth, spread supported by knowledge accumulation. Primarily, we have a clear vision of where we wish to reach. The road map is defined based on that vision and everyone is given a role in this path to success and growth.

Our salaries are the most competitive in the industry, with a structure that benefits the employee by facilitating maximum take home. In addition we provide enough cover to the staff through the regulatory provisions of PF and ESI.

And the most important part of the offering is the encouragement to performance. We reward our employees for excellence in their job. We offer attractive incentive and bonus schemes for contributing members.

At Pointsoft , the HR team ensures that various aspects of human resources are addressed. They go about addressing professional, relocation, social, personal, appraisal, career growth and various other aspects associated with an employee. We have dedicated members to hear and counsel grievances of staff members on all these aspects. An employee’s entry to exit process is very clearly defined and our HR team works hard to ensure that the process is executed smoothly.

In short, Pointsoftis the haven for the hardworking professionals with right attitude and commitment.