Enterprise Integration Services

Pointsoft ’s core competency is to integrate all of your business processes, end-to-end and across your enterprise and eliminate functional friction, between the enterprise and core customers and partners. Working with industry leading off-the-shelf enterprise integration and application platforms, we can provide cost-effective solutions and address the needs for standardization.

Pointsoft ’s Enterprise Integration Services (EIS) team provides architectural design in conformance with your organizations short and long term goals in mind, effective project management, implementation, customization and long term support capabilities. 
Our EIS offerings include:

Architectural Design & Business Alignment services
Consulting and Project Management services 
Global Implementation 
Application Integration & Customization 
Support and Maintenance 

Pointsoft has the dynamic combination of domain knowledge, technologies and experience to deliver high-quality Enterprise Integration solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. The company’s expertise has been tried and tested in the following areas of specialization:

Areas of Specialization 

Portal Solutions
Custom Connectors
Consulting services for implementation of EAI & BPM suite of products
End-to-end Program and Project Management 
Corporate Intranet Portals with Single Sign-on features
Workflow Automation
Custom Web services based Integration Application Development 
Extend Green-screen application to web and mobile devices
Provide real time insight into business metrics

We have built significant knowledge in the following industry verticals


e-Commerce Applications

Finance & Insurance
Public Safety

EIS Methodology

Our methodology enables you to achieve constancy of purpose in a structured and organized manner maximizing intelligence, experience, and perseverance essential for transforming any organization. Directed effort and execution are required to achieve the desired transformation to move a business from its current position to its desired position of achieving constancy of purpose for quality, service and productivity. While we have developed our own approach, by incorporating the best practices gained from experience over the years, our people are trained and capable of adapting to the needs and requirements of any methodology selected by our customers. The Pointsoft 4D implementation methodology focuses on the sole objective, of maximizing the work performance to transform an organization to function at its optimal level.

The Pointsoft 4D methodology has been used to achieve successful implementation of our solutions for several years. This methodology enables project team partnerships between Customers and skilled specialists from the Pointsoft Enterprise Integration Services group to embrace the implementation as a manageable multi-step process. Each step of the process is defined with activities, tasks deliverables and expected results.