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Law enforcement and Public Safety

Provides quick and accurate field reporting in a mobile and disconnected environment 
Efficient collection of information at the scene
Access to State/Federal and Local database for Want & Warrants, DL and Vehicle 
Registration from anywhere
Offers a state-of-the-art electronic field reporting system designed to enhance public safety efficiency, minimize redundant data entry, and improve data integrity 
Enable law enforcement agencies to meet ever-growing data collection and reporting requirements without compromising officer safety or effectiveness. 
Solution is intuitive to collect information ,maintains consistency with paper-based procedures; making it extremely easy for users to adopt the new system.
Complete Integrated suite of field applications with single sign on, designed to work in disconnected environment.
Mobility computing solutions deployed on wide variety of mobile device and platforms available to a field officer. 
Access to State/Federal and Local database for Want & Warrants, DL and Vehicle Registration from anywhere.
Integrated data entry tools like bar code scanners, Magnetic Card Readers, Smart Card Readers, cameras, finger print readers etc.
Seamless Integration to RMS, Court and other systems
Solution Architecture 

Mobile client enables officer to quickly and efficiently create reports at point of action using variety of mobile devices in a disconnected environment
Synchronization Server is the host to which mobile devices connect in order to synchronize data, handling bi directional synchronization of data between the mobile device and server database . 
Server is web-based application designed from ground up following Microsoft .NET patterns & practices. It aggregates all data from the different Mobile devices and does further processing of reports.
Server seamlessly integrate with other systems like RMS (Record Management System), CJIS (Criminal Justice Information system) to avoid data entry duplication.

Mobile solution to manage citation issuance process. It enables officers to issue traffic and Parking Citations in a mobile environment.

Handwritten tickets requires several more steps to make into the system.

Officers delivered their handwritten tickets to the desk.
The clerk would enter all the information into the agency’s 
Record Management System .
Sends a copy to the court.
Assigns file numbers, alphabetically file the tickets in filing cabinets.

Illegible handwriting

Incorrect or incomplete information leads to contested citations being waived or overturned.