Mobile solution to automate functions performed at service counter for renting vehicles.

Designed to complete the entire transaction on the spot so the customer can bypass the counter completely.
Reduces the amount of time customers have to wait to be served. 
Real-time link to customer reservations, preferences, history, and other data stored in enterprise information systems.
Magnetic stripe reader interface to capture data from credit cards, driver’s licenses, and customer loyalty cards.
Graphics Capture - Ability to draw diagrams, Capture signatures 
Mobile solution to automate transmission line inspection and maintenance activities
Enables mobile workforce to accurately and efficiently gather inspection and equipment performance data. 
Work efficiently in disconnected environment
Customized field data collection forms
Eliminates paperwork and capture data at the point of action 
Improves records accuracy and documentation 
Connectivity to back office Systems transparent to end user
Automates many functions associated with service and repair technicians.
Provides integrated client-server environment to extend business applications to mobile users