Mobility Solutions

AFR™ or Automated Field Reporting is Pointsoft ’s mobile forms and synchronization platform for laptop, TabletPC or PDA (PocketPC,Palm,Symbian etc.)users to seamlessly record and synchronize data captured in the field. AFR allows customers to rapidly develop and deploy robust field applications that markedly enhance field worker productivity and drives real time integration into back-office systems. AFR implementations utilize many user-friendly and time-efficient features such as drop down menus, help screens, calendars and more. Collected data can then be sent wirelessly from the field to an office system or synchronized.

Solution Benefits
The key benefits of the AFR platform include:

Efficient collection of information. Pointsoft is able to rapidly integrate off-the-shelf accessories with a user’s laptop, TabletPC or PDA to efficiently and quickly capture field data. Example accessories include RFID readers, bar code scanners, digital photography, magnetic stripe readers, finger print scanners, RADAR/LIDAR systems, global positioning systems and environmental sensors (measuring barometric pressure, temperature and humidity).

Saving time and labor costs. Users enter data once, eliminating the need for transcription and data entry clerks. Wireless synchronization allows users to instantly check records against a legacy database, saving transportation time between a field site and the home office. Administrators may push database and workflow modifications from any web browser with secure access to the application server thereby saving time and money by having to visit each user device to force changes. 

Integration with legacy databases and line of business applications. Pointsoft was founded with the vision to help commercial enterprises and government agencies seamlessly integrate business processes and technologies between partners, customers and vendors. Developing these “connectors” between data repositories and applications is a unique competency that brings any business deploying AFR to the next level of success.

Platform Innovations
Pointsoft ’s platform brings several innovations to extend commercial off the shelf components. Besides the input/output drivers customized to the hardware accessories chosen, AFR includes a forms interface to design input screens and enable data validation tools on the client device; a synchronization engine to update the local database with the server database; a workflow engine to route requests and to manage the information transacted with the data warehouse or an external application; and a web-based administrative console to allow administrators to manage users, synchronization, customizations and reporting. 
The AFR platform is graphically illustrated below:

Successful Deployments
The following applications are real-world examples of Pointsoft customers using AFR-based applications to support field-based knowledge workers

CiteCapture™ enables police officers quickly and efficiently issue traffic and parking citations from a wireless handheld device, while at the same time enhancing traditional revenue services. Officers have the ability to write citations and instantly check local and national databases for wants and warrants of individuals and/or vehicles. To ensure accurate data capture, driver’s licenses may be read from a magnetic stripe reader and vehicle identification may be read by a handheld barcode scanner. Citations may be printed using a local wireless printer. 

ClinicalNote™ enables healthcare personnel to quickly and efficiently complete an overall health assessment. The application collects a variety of patient data including vital signs, cardiovascular symptoms, dietary plans and laboratory sample tracking. The date and time are automatically recorded with each entry, and built-in validation rules ensure that all required fields are completed before the data can be submitted. This application is commonly used with home healthcare agents and it allows those field users to securely communicate with medical record systems and vendors who supply patient care equipment and consumables. 

Pointsoft 's mobile education application enables teachers to easily record and submit attendance information via a handheld device. Class rosters are downloaded onto the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) in advance providing the teacher with a list of students for each class. During roll call, the teacher can simply mark each student in attendance. Badge scanning capabilities can instantly bring up the student’s class schedule if s/he is found outside of class. Once the attendance information has been obtained, it can be wirelessly transmitted to the school's back-end system or database across an 802.11 network.