Strategic Sourcing
We address your project based human resource needs. These resources may be for a long-term project, short-term project or just for a transition arrangement. The agreement of the engagement is primarily between the Client, and Pointsoft . Pointsoft is the responsible entity to address the issues related with the hiring, training, payroll, appraisal, and retention aspects of the consultant. The client is fully covered against the obligations associated with an employee.

Onsite Outsourcing 
Being a software services company, we also offer a very attractive combination of temping with onsite project execution. Instead of providing few resources as part of a turnkey project team, we can handle the total team as a bulk on-site project assignment with the Project Management responsibility still remaining with you. This is a very economical, and efficient solution that is positioned between outsourcing and in-house development… call it “Onsite Outsourcing”. 

Permanent Placement & Contract to Hire 
When some of your project needs and long term resource needs prefer permanent staffing solutions, we offer you our executive search expertise and also offer you the opportunity to permanently hire our consultants on contract. We have a good database of junior to mid level to senior technical resource profiles that can be forwarded. We do a due-diligence of the resource including first level technical evaluation, after understanding your requirements.