Pointsoft provides custom applications for Windows Mobile 5.0, Symbian OS & Java environments. Our Mobile Applications Framework is designed to provide a stable platform to develop and deploy mobile applications quickly and efficiently. Pointsoft clients reap the benefits of our experience gained from our product offerings on mobile devices in rugged and controlled environments, across a myriad of communications protocols, scalable, working in connected and unconnected modes with complete 128K encryption capabilities.

We offer Intelligent Mobile Solutions & Services designed to:

Automate business processes that eliminate redundancies in operations and processes 

Integrate legacy applications to web or mobile platforms seamlessly

Provide a platform that works in a connected to disconnected environment that intelligently    transfers data without operator enablement 

Enhance efficiencies across the enterprise by integrating devices and systems to provide 
a single user interface which is highly intuitive and easy to use 

Eliminate data errors

Ensure security of data in the event of loss of device or access by unauthorized personnel

Automatic update of software on devices without the need for cradling or operator intervention

Pointsoft provides a variety of customized intelligent mobile applications for handheld devices. Our solutions deliver real-time connected applications that maintain data integrity and security of information. Pointsoft mobile applications ensure that the data is secure from the point-of-capture, temporary local storage, wireless or wired synchronization, and through the integration within the enterprise including ERP, SCM, SFA and legacy applications or data repositories instantly.